Gerlinger’s Recent Shipments

By Gerlinger Carrier | Dec 4, 2019

NW Fruit Bin Carrier Custom designed Gerlinger Straddle Carrier heading to leading processing plant in the Pacific Northwest to move fruit totes during harvest. Easily move stack of 15 totes while protecting them from the elements and keeping the operator warm and dry! Straddle Carrier and TBRs to a Mid-West Refinery Gerlinger Straddle Carrier and…

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Straddle Carrier 101

By Gerlinger Carrier | Oct 29, 2019

At Gerlinger, we’ve remained an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of straddle carriers by developing innovative technologies tailored to meet the demands of our customers, no matter how challenging a work environment. For over 100 years, Gerlinger carriers have remained the gold standard for the transportation of heavy/cumbersome loads by fusing form with…

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The Legacy of Carl Gerlinger Continues to Inspire How we do Business

By Gerlinger Carrier | Sep 29, 2019

At Gerlinger, we continue to carry on the long tradition of innovation that has been at the very core of our business for over 100 years. With the recent release of our new Gerlinger Tube Bundle Roller (TBR), we further honor the memory of our founder Carl Gerlinger Sr., whose indomitable spirit and creative intellect…

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Introducing Gerlinger’s New Tube Bundle Roller

By Gerlinger Carrier | Aug 29, 2019

At Gerlinger Carrier, we understand the needs of our customers require developing dependable machinery capable of working in even the toughest environments. Of course, successful innovation also means finding ways to make our most reliable machinery even more functional, so our customers can continue maintaining and improving the pace of production. It’s with this commitment…

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Gerlinger Straddle Carriers Offer Safer Operations Through use of Camera Vision Systems

By Gerlinger Carrier | Apr 3, 2019

Strategically placed, advanced industrial automotive camera systems allow Gerlinger Carriers to all but eliminate the blind spots associated with large machinery that can create potentially dangerous work environments. Gerlinger is excited to offer this safety feature. Our new machine standard include 8 camera’s and dual monitors. Numerous options, multiple camera, and monitors packages can ensure…

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Gerlinger Carrier Releases New Deluxe Operator Cab

By Gerlinger Carrier | Feb 18, 2019

Gerlinger Carrier refined the operator cab comfort and functionality utilizing the Crenlo Cobalt cab as a standard feature. The Cobalt cab solid steel construction and advanced design result in more window space and the center-mounted seat provides best-in-class operator visibility and more spacious operator experience. Cab Improvements Include Features include cabin airfilter, cushioned floor mat,…

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Gerlinger Straddle Carrier Introduces New Hydrostatic Drive

By Gerlinger Carrier | Jan 10, 2019

Increased productivity and reliability with reduced maintenance are key benefits from Gerlinger Carrier’s new hydrostatic drivetrain. Operation of the carrier is almost effortless, thanks to the hydrostatic drive pumps and wheel motors. Infinite control of speed and direction. Response is immediate and positive. Even unskilled personnel can master operation in a very short time. Simplicity…

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Heat Exchanger Transport

Reduce Turn-Around Time and Expense with Gerlinger

By Gerlinger Carrier | Sep 18, 2018

Reducing costs associated with moving and cleaning heat exchangers at leading refinery operations since 1977, Gerlinger Straddle Carriers have been used to haul heat exchangers (tube bundles) on a basic load pallet to and from the wash pad area. In 2009 refinery maintenance managers turned to Gerlinger to create a solution that further simplifies turnarounds,…

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Celebrating Over 100 Years of Commitment to the Best in Straddle Carrier Design & Manufacturing

By Gerlinger Carrier | Sep 3, 2018

For more than 100 years, Gerlinger Straddle Carriers have been the industry leader in straddle carrier design and manufacturing. Precisely made in our 50,000 Sq. Ft Manufacturing plant, Gerlinger utilizes advanced CAD and CNC tools. Skilled professionals, manufacturing excellence, and ability to customize for many industrial needs. Gerlinger is built to last and deliver outstanding…

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