Tube Bundle Rollers

Tube Bundle Rollers

heat exchanger transport

Introducing Our Newly Designed Tube Bundle Roller

Utilizing the design and function input we received from an industry-leading petrochemical refinery, Gerlinger Carrier developed the original concept for the Bundle Pallet Rotator (BPR). While this innovative design proved incredibly successful at meeting our customers' needs for a decade, we've now completed the redesign for our refined and newly renamed Tube Bundle Roller (TBR).

The Tube Bundle Roller in Action

The Tube Bundle Roller Offers Improved Mobility & Convenience

Whether moving from refinery tower extraction locations to the wash pad for cleaning or to repair facilities for maintenance, the TBR offers a unique and practical load pallet option for the transportation of tube bundles.

Our new TBR design offers increased efficiency in the transportation of bundles by requiring less machinery to safely haul fragile and expensive parts throughout your worksite. The TBR features the ability to keep the bundle onboard and hydraulically rotate the bundle for improved ease of cleaning. Our innovative new design also includes the proper alignment of tubes, so the TBR operator can place the tubes back into position on the extractor machine.

The TBR provides adjustability, perfect for meeting a variety of tube bundle designs and sizes, and more maintenance-free components. Strong and reliable, the TBR is box welded with rugged internal gusseting that's built to withstand punishment. A reinforced frame features multiple cross members, and maintenance is simplified with easy access to lubrication points. With options for corrosive resistant coatings to help protect against harsh environmental factors, the TBR offers the lasting durability required to continue serving refineries for the next decade and beyond.

tube bundle carrier

Gerlinger Tube Bundle Roller Design Specs – 20-Foot Model

New scissor type width adjustment for roller assemblies using a hydraulic cylinder

Adjustable position and removable roller assemblies with quick connects for hydraulics

Painted components, with optional corrosion resistant galvanizing available upon request.

3 Ratchet straps

2 Rubber bumper wheels on ends to keep bundle on pallet

Maintenance-free pillow block bearings

Guards for motor shafts and bearings

Dual drive motor arrangement with torque-arm mounting

Full length drip pans with drain ports to retain sediments

Adjustable roller bunks to handle tube bundles in sizes that range from 8 - 21 foot in length and up to 66" in diameter.

The TBR offers a powerful workhorse that's used in some of the largest refineries around the world for the simplified handling and transport of heat exchanger tube bundles and other material handling chores.

Gerlinger Tube Bundle Roller Features and Photos

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