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Easy Transport of Cumbersome Products Greatly Improves Mobility and Storage Capabilities

Providing Fast, Easy and Efficient Transport Solutions

Gerlinger Straddle Carriers can efficiently lift 20,000 to 90,000 pounds of material and have been transporting heavy billets, ingots, slabs, beams, pipe, plate steel and more for nearly a century.

The Gerlinger Carrier can transport totes of scrap metal to foundry furnaces, while also having the ability to transport both hot and cold raw materials (billets, ingots, blooms, slabs and castings) for storage and transport to the finishing mills.

Our carriers can also transport finished products in foundries, as well as to distribution facilities. Items like pipe, tube, coils, plate steel and structural steel forms can be easily hauled for storage and distribution.

Special packages are also available upon request, including:

Fire Suppression

Heat Wrap Hosing

Fire Resistant Oils

Solid Tires

Heavy Duty Wheel Guards

Cold Climate Package Available

Quick Pick Up and Hauling Offers a Fast Return on Your Investment

Most large mills encompass miles of property that include large distances between storage locations and mill equipment. Our Straddle Carrier offers the industry's most efficient option for transporting this type of cargo quickly and conveniently.

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Proudly made in the USA for 100 years, Gerlinger Carrier has remained dedicated to providing the steel and foundry industries with innovative solutions designed to optimize productivity and improve profitability.

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tube bundle carrier
tube bundle carrier
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