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Big Machines. Precisely Manufactured.

Big Machines. Precisely Manufactured.

Solving Tough Material Handling Problems Since 1918

Since 1918, Gerlinger Carrier has maintained our position as an industry leader in straddle carrier design and manufacturing. With lift capabilities ranging from 20,000 to 90,000 lbs., our innovative product line enables our customers to find fast and efficient solutions for the handling of long, heavy loads. Our line of Gerlinger Carriers is available in a wide range of package sizes, making them an ideal choice for solving tough material handling problems in a comprehensive range of applications.

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Customized Solutions Designed to Meet Your Exact Specifications

At Gerlinger Carrier, we work alongside our customers to develop customized solutions designed to meet the individual requirements of their industry and worksite. By working with our customers' needs in mind, our team can develop the best possible products to meet their exact material handling needs.

gerlinger carrier

Our current line of customizable Gerlinger Carrier products include:

Gerlinger Carrier Machine

Straddle Carriers

Straddle Carriers have the capacity of handling up to twice their weight in cargo on their four-wheel design. By hauling the load under the belly of the machine, our carrier can transport long, heavy loads in a far more narrow path when compared to forklift hauling.

tube bundle rollers

Tube Bundle Rollers (TBR)

Incredibly strong and reliable, the TBR offers welded box construction with rugged internal gusseting designed and built to withstand punishment. Designed exclusively for refinery maintenance, the Gerlinger Tube Bundle Roller streamlines an otherwise time-consuming and expensive turnaround.

wheeled customized pallet

Customized Pallets

Gerlinger can provide material handling solutions for a variety of loads. Inquire about a special load pallet for your unique hauling needs. From pipe, steel, refinery parts, to foundry castings, and more, Gerlinger can provide solutions for a variety of loads.

Industries Served

Refinery and Petro-Chemical Industry

Fast, Easy and Efficient Transport of Tube Bundles

Gerlinger Carriers plays an integral part in the petrochemical and refinery industry by providing innovative solutions designed to successfully transport heavy and fragile Tube Bundles.

Steel Industry

Easy Transport of Cumbersome Products Improves Mobility and Storage Capabilities

Gerlinger Carriers and our line of straddle carriers play a key role in the steel and foundry industries as a transportation solution for long and heavy products. By making it easier to position loads in space-saving aisles, we enable our customers to better navigate around narrow building constraints.

Specialized Material Handling Industry

The Right Solution for Your Specific Requirements

Gerlinger Carriers has experience helping our customers better move and store a variety of long and heavy loads.

The Gerlinger Difference