FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gerlinger rent  machinery? 

Unfortunately, Gerlinger does not have a rental fleet. These are such unique machines and are built for a customer's specific load size.

Does Gerlinger lease machinery? 

Gerlinger has a few options of lease-to-own programs. This helps out in allowing a payment plan versus straight buyout terms. Please contact us for details.

Does Gerlinger still offer custom design builds? 

YES, our team can work with our customers with special handling requirements to build unique machines. Custom lift shoes, colors, options, sizing, etc., can be discussed. 

Does Gerlinger sell or ship outside North America?

YES, Gerlinger can build and sell to most countries across the world. We have a representative in the European market as well as the Asian marketplace.

How fast can the Straddle Carrier operate? 

Gerlinger Carriers have the ability to drive at a fast pace while empty and on improved surfaces with good driving conditions. While at full load capacity, the standard maximum speed is factored and suggested at up to 15mph in most cases. Retaining loads, length of hauling, safe stopping distance, safe maneuverability, ground surface, and tire ratings all come into factor in deciding suggested speed limitations. Mechanical or electronic governing of top speed is available through programming. 

How is a Gerlinger Carrier shipped? 

The Gerlinger Carrier is usually shipped on a drop deck lowboy type of semi trailer. Most require extended width provisions and oversize load permitting. Most tall machines will have the cab removed for shipping. The cab will either be shipped separately or on the same truck in a crate. Gerlinger can send a technician out to the customer's site for assistance in assembly and a full training of operations and maintenance.