Specialized Material Handling

Specialized Material Handling

The Right Solution for Your Specific Requirements:

Gerlinger Carriers offer innovative specialized material handling solutions for a variety of diverse industries.

Gerlinger works in industries as diverse as:

Wood Industry: The Right Solution for Your Specific Requirements

lumber carrier

This uniquely designed material handling machine was originally used in the wood and lumber mill industries for handling stacks of dimensional lumber, power/phone poles, paper rolls, railroad ties, and pulp bales around the sawmills and lumberyards. The Gerlinger design originated around 1917 in the wood industry and is still currently being used in the industry today.

Ship Building

gerlinger carrier

Gerlinger Carriers are utilized in shipbuilding facilities to transport large structural steel and fabricated components from fab facilities to the ship site during the installation process of vessel builds.

Specialized Material Handling: Specialty Load Solutions Provider

tube bundle

Gerlinger Carriers are widely used for general material handling of specialty loads, including scaffolding, pipe, tube, structural steel and fabricated components.


Gerlinger carrier

Utilize carriers for hauling bundled materials, piping, bottling goods and barrels.

Shipyards and Maritime: Efficient Transport at the Shipyard


Shipyards and ports use carriers for hauling materials for export/import around the seaports, as well as faster transportation of individual seaport containers over large facilities. Shipyards such as the U.S. Navy also use Gerlinger Carriers for transporting general supplies to the loading docks.

Specialized Applications

fruit bin carrier

A straddle carrier has many specialty applications in terms of transporting items like tanks, containerized loads, and virtually any load on bolsters and pallets.


gerlinger carrier

Oil refineries use straddle carriers extensively for moving heat exchanger bundles to the cleaning pad. Carriers are also used for transport of general plant materials and containerized loads.


fruit bin carrier

Gerlinger is currently working on a machine for the agricultural harvesting/fruit industry to streamline transporting Macro bins around processing plants. This will be a "game-changer" for the processing plants to reduce forklift and truck equipment usage, labor force, and fuel consumption.

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