Vegetable and Fruit Bin Carrier

Vegetable and Fruit Bin Carrier

fruit bin carrier
fruit bin carrier
fruit bin carrier

Vegetable and Fruit Bin Carrier

Maximize Efficiency in Macrobin Transportation

Gerlinger Carrier Co. recently released a machine to dramatically increase efficiency in transportation of fruit bins and boxed palletized goods.

The Gerlinger design allows processing and cold storage facilities to transport 15 fruit totes (macrobins) at one time (3 high and 5 long). 

This reduces labor and fork truck operation - saving time and money – while improving safety.

The load retaining shoes protect the products from road spray and keep them stable under transport. 

Gerlinger's Fruit Bin Carrier In Action

The Right Solution for Your Specific Requirements:

Maximize Transportation Efficiency

Protect Product from the Elements

Better Visibility for Increased Safety

Hydrostatic Dynamic Braking

All Weather Cab

Exclusive Hydraulic Lifting System

Fruit and Vegetable Bin Carrier Solutions

One of the traditional ways of handling fruit and vegetable totes (macrobins) at cold storage and processing plants involves multiple forklifts to lift and transport about 3 totes per trip.  Another common way is to use forklifts to load trailers with totes for transport, which makes a very labor-intensive process involving people, straps, machinery, and time.  The large footprint of most process and cold storage facilities makes this a time-consuming task. And time is money.

The Right Solution for Horticulture Needs

Gerlinger Carrier Co. collaborated with one of the leading process plants in the Northwest to customize a straddle carrier that reduces labor, time, and the machinery often involved in this everyday task.  The Straddle Carrier quickly drives over a stack of 15 totes (up to 3 high and up to 5 long) at one time to efficiently transport them to storage, processing, and packaging facilities on the plant site. The machine can travel up to 15MPH fully loaded and with some grade.

All wheel drive ensures inclement weather will not slow the process.  The high mounted, all weather cab and camera vision system allows for safe and agile travel in tight spaces. The unique lift shoes protect the load from road spray and keeps the bins stable during travel. Custom suspension and lift design ensure a smooth ride and cushions the load resulting in less stem pressure damage and bruising to the crops.

Contact our office today to learn more about what Gerlinger Carriers can do for your business.

fruit bin carrier
straddle carrier moving macro fruit bins
fruit bin carrier

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