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Gerlinger's Proven Industry Experience

Gerlinger has been working with Refineries to streamline general material handling of long and heavy loads and heat exchanger bundles since the mid 1980’s.

When a long term customer approached us in 2010 to help solve one of the biggest problems, we jumped at the chance. The collaboration resulted with a customized, simple solution that saves time, steps, and reduces costs associated with moving and cleaning fragile heat exchangers.

The Problem:

  • Refineries plan periodic cleaning of heat exchangers during turn around operations.
  • Transporting and handling of these large bundles is time consuming, expensive, and prone to damaging the bundle.

The Solution:

  • Gerlinger Carriers and revolutionary BPR/TBR


Gerlinger Carriers and our BPR/TBRs simplify transportation, general material handling, and offer the unique ability to rotate various styles and size of heat exchangers during cleaning.

The combination improves productivity and safely rotates the heat exchanger during cleaning without damaging the system – just what the refinery envisioned.

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Customizable, Powerful, Efficient

Proudly made in the U.S.A for over 100 years, Gerlinger is the premiere name in straddle carriers, and the industry leader in carrier design and manufacture. With lift capacities from 20,000 lbs. to 90,000 lbs., Gerlinger Carrier can help solve the toughest material handling applications to better meet your refinery transportation needs.

A powerful workhorse, some of the world's largest refineries use Gerlinger for simplified material handling and increased efficiency.

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