Gerlinger Works Hard to Meet the Needs of Our Customers

Steel mills require equipment that can transport heavy slabs, beams, and pipe. Refineries call for the flexible and efficient handling of long and large loads. As these industries evolve, our team at Gerlinger will continue to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

Contractors and private businesses control and own the majority of transportation equipment. Therefore, contractors and equipment manufacturers like Gerlinger will continue to lead the way in creating the majority of future innovations in heavy equipment.

However, innovation can only meet the demands of the industries that we serve. Developing a new feature or model of straddle carrier that doesn’t meet a specific need or address a particular problem offers no real solution. That’s why innovation relies on a collaborative process between Gerlinger and our customers.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways Gerlinger has worked with our clients to address the specific needs of their workplace.

The Space to Operate

As urban areas become more congested, the ability to expand simply by burying more land around their existing operations becomes less of an option. Instead, they must rely on maximizing the space they have available, placing a greater emphasis on the rehabilitation of existing facilities rather than building new structures.

With limited space comes limited room to maneuver. This necessitates the need for equipment that can fully operate in tight spaces. At Gerlinger, our straddle carries are designed to operate in tight confines. From tight turn radiuses to undercarriage transportation, our carriers can move long, heavy loads in a far narrower path.

When compared to traditional forklifts, our carriers offer a number of advantages that include:

  • Stably support loads in excess of 60 ft. in length under transport
  • Eliminates the need for counterbalance weights by straddling the loads
  • Centered loads works to disperse the load weight efficiently
  • Can lift in excess of twice their own weight

These features enable our carriers to easily answer the needs of customers that must operate within tight spatial constraints.

Simply Complex

Some industrial industries face a shortage of qualified candidates to fill vital positions. As a result, businesses must compete with each other to not only establish their position in the market, but also for the same number of limited workers.

This current environment has led equipment manufacturers to embrace the concept of “simply complex” when developing new technology. What this simplification signifies is the concept of creating extraordinary complex equipment with a simple to use interface. At Gerlinger, we’ve embraced this concept in how we design and build our machines.

Our straddle carriers feature side consoles with Murphy displays, a shifter/lift joystick interface, and a dual quadview overhead camera monitors. A panoramic cab provides drivers an incredible field of vision.

We’ve designed our carriers to be intuitive and simple to operate. Someone who’s spent time operating a forklift can easily learn how to operate our equipment with the right training. This enables our customers to find qualified workers who may not have received the latest degrees and training, and put them to into position to excel at their worksite.

High Capacity Handling of Delicate Cargo

Recently, the team at Gerlinger was approached by one of the Pacific Northwest’s biggest fruit distributors. Looking to increase production by reducing transit time between their processing plant and cold storage, our customers sought to find a vehicle capable of meeting their production demands while still treating the delicate cargo with a light touch.

To answer the needs of our customer, Gerlinger recently released a machine to dramatically increase efficiency in transportation of fruit bins and boxed palletized goods. Our design allows processing and cold storage facilities to transport 15 fruit totes (macrobins) at one time (3 high and 5 long). This reduces labor and fork truck operation  – saving time and money – while improving safety. The load retaining shoes protect the products from road spray and keep them stable under transport.

Gerlinger Will Meet the Challenges Ahead

As industries continue to change, Gerlinger will remain at the top of our game in order to continue providing our customers with the innovative technology they require. To find out more about how Gerlinger can take your business to the next level, click here to contact our sales team. 

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