Reduce Turn-Around Time and Expense with Gerlinger

Reducing costs associated with moving and cleaning heat exchangers at leading refinery operations since 1977, Gerlinger Straddle Carriers have been used to haul heat exchangers (tube bundles) on a basic load pallet to and from the wash pad area.

In 2009 refinery maintenance managers turned to Gerlinger to create a solution that further simplifies turnarounds, and our heat exchanger transport saves time, steps and cost. The first edition Bundle Pallet Rotator (BPR) was designed and put into duty.

Periodic maintenance is more efficient than major annual turnarounds

Periodic maintenance is more efficient than major annual turnarounds which halts production of the plant. Handling the tube bundles fewer times reduces chances of damage. Eliminating the need to lift the tube bundle off pallets at each end, the site can save money on lift rigging, crane operation costs, and personnel expenses which drives down potential work hazards.

New TBR Introduced in 2019

Ready to increase their facilities using Rotators in 2018, Gerlinger engineers teamed up with the refinery to further improve the design. The all new Tube Bundle Roller (TBR) was released in early 2019. The re-designed TBR (Tube Bundle Roller) adjusts to accept heat exchangers in various sizes and shapes. The tube bundle can stay on the TBR which rotates the tube bundles. This allows full cleaning or servicing and helps to align the bundle back into the extractor for assembly.

Gerlinger Carriers and TBRs are now in use at many refineries as heat exchanger transport. Purchasing a Carrier/TBR package is straight forward process with both purchase and lease to own options. Gerlinger has standard Terms and Conditions with many refineries as an approved Vendor.

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