Gerlinger Straddle Carrier Introduces New Hydrostatic Drive

Increased productivity and reliability with reduced maintenance are key benefits from Gerlinger Carrier’s new hydrostatic drivetrain.

Operation of the carrier is almost effortless, thanks to the hydrostatic drive pumps and wheel motors. Infinite control of speed and direction. Response is immediate and positive. Even unskilled personnel can master operation in a very short time.


Simplicity is another benefit. Like the conventional carrier with an automatic transmission, basic controls provide forward, neutral, and reverse direction. A computerized automotive controller enables the vehicle to operate in a manner similar to a car’s automatic transmission. The controller maintains a definite relationship between the engine RPM and the swashplate angle (i.e. displacement) of the variable displacement pump used in the hydrostatic drivetrain.

Ease of Use

When the operator wants to move the carrier they can select either forward or reverse and either high or low range and accelerates. When backing off of the accelerator, the dynamic braking capabilities inherent with the closed circuit hydrostatic system cause the vehicle to slow down, and when backing off the accelerator completely, the vehicle will stop. Speed of the vehicle is infinitely variable from zero to maximum. Loads can be moved from a standing start.

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