Celebrating Over 100 Years of Commitment to the Best in Straddle Carrier Design & Manufacturing

For more than 100 years, Gerlinger Straddle Carriers have been the industry leader in straddle carrier design and manufacturing. Precisely made in our 50,000 Sq. Ft Manufacturing plant, Gerlinger utilizes advanced CAD and CNC tools. Skilled professionals, manufacturing excellence, and ability to customize for many industrial needs. Gerlinger is built to last and deliver outstanding return on investment out of our material handling machines.

Since 1918

Founded in 1918, the Gerlinger Carrier Co. was created by a German-born immigrant, Mr. Carl Gerlinger Sr., to manufacture both straddle carriers and forklifts. The Dallas, Oregon based company eventually merged with Towmotor and Caterpillar Tractor in the 1950’s. The carrier line became more of a specialty product, and was re-acquired by one of the Gerlinger family businesses in the 1970’s. In 1984 Gerlinger Carrier’s assets were acquired the GCC, Inc., which is proudly owned by descendants of Carl Gerlinger. Designed and manufactured at our Salem, Oregon facility, we have manufactured over 130 straddle carriers since 1984.

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