Introducing Gerlinger’s New Tube Bundle Roller

At Gerlinger Carrier, we understand the needs of our customers require developing dependable machinery capable of working in even the toughest environments. Of course, successful innovation also means finding ways to make our most reliable machinery even more functional, so our customers can continue maintaining and improving the pace of production. It’s with this commitment to excellence in mind that we have recently refined our existing Bundle Pallet Rotator into the newly redesigned and renamed Tube Bundle Roller.  

Introducing Gerlinger’s New Tube Bundle Roller

Using input we received from one of our most valuable customers, a leader in the refinery industry, our team of engineers at Gerlinger first designed our Bundle Pallet Roller a decade ago. While the BPR has provided our customers with outstanding service and value for the last 10 years, we believe our new Tube Bundle Roller offers the increased functionality and performance needed to meet the demands of today’s refineries.

Our new Tube Bundle Roller offers a unique load pallet option that enables you to transport tube bundles efficiently and safely haul fragile and costly parts through your worksite. With the TBR’s onboard feature, you can keep a bundle secure while hydraulically rotating the bundle to make cleaning a breeze.

This innovative design also allows for the proper alignment of tubes, so the TBR operator can quickly place the tubes back into position on the extractor machine. By helping to streamline turnaround, the TBR enables you to save time and money by increasing productivity and reducing accidents.

Newly Redesigned to Meet the Demands of Business

Building off of the incredibly successful design of our original Bundle Pallet Rotator, Gerlinger’s new Tube Bundle Roller includes a number of exciting new features that include:

  • New scissor type width adjustment for roller assemblies using a hydraulic cylinder
  • Adjustable position, removable roller assemblies with quick connects for hydraulics
  • Components are painted-optional corrosion resistant galvanizing available
  • Full length drip pans with drain ports
  • Built in adjustment to handle bundles from 8’ to 21’ 5” length and up to 5’ 6”
  • (3) Ratchet straps to secure the bundles on the TBR allowing additional safety for long
    travel or uneven terrain transport
  • (2) Rubber bumper wheels on ends to keep bundle securely on the pallet
  • Guards for motor shafts and bearing
  • Dual drive motor arrangement with torque-arm mounting
  • Maintenance free pillow block bearings

Increase Production in Three Simple Steps

With the Tube Bundler Roller, whether moving Tube Bundles (heat exchangers) from refinery tower extraction locations to the wash pad for cleaning or to maintenance for repairs, you can complete the process of cleaning and reinstalling your bundle pallets in three simple steps.

Step 1: Simple transporting of your delicate and expensive Tube bundles. When combined with a Straddle Carrier, the task of moving tube bundles is handled by one machine, one driver, and the TBR in a faster safer method than having multiple cranes, truck/trailer, lots of rigging and personnel.

Step 2: Depending on the scope of work needed, the Tube Bundle can stay on the TBR for transit, be rotated for most cleaning or maintenance work, and for transit back with less handling steps than previous methods.

Step 3: Once transported back to the tower site, the TBR can rotate the Tube bundles for precise alignment in the extractor reinstallation process.

Quick, efficient, and more practical, the Gerlinger Tube Bundle Roller is the right answer to streamline the process at your refinery. Contact Gerlinger today to speak to one of our service representatives to find out more about how the TBR is right for your business. 

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