Gerlinger Straddle Carriers Offer Safer Operations Through use of Camera Vision Systems

Strategically placed, advanced industrial automotive camera systems allow Gerlinger Carriers to all but eliminate the blind spots associated with large machinery that can create potentially dangerous work environments. Gerlinger is excited to offer this safety feature. Our new machine standard include 8 camera’s and dual monitors. Numerous options, multiple camera, and monitors packages can ensure your next Straddle Carrier or Straddle Lift is the safest it can be in your facility.


Features include multi view color monitors in 5, 7, & 9”, programmable screen choices, heated camera options for cold climates, infrared night vision lighting, Grip lines, optional audio, wide view and panoramic views, wired or wireless systems. These systems are built using high grade aluminum housings and are waterproof IP 69 rated, TS and ISO certified. The improved visibility systems can even be retrofit to older carriers.

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