Gerlinger’s Recent Shipments

NW Fruit Bin Carrier

Custom designed Gerlinger Straddle Carrier heading to leading processing plant in the Pacific Northwest to move fruit totes during harvest. Easily move stack of 15 totes while protecting them from the elements and keeping the operator warm and dry!

Straddle Carrier and TBRs to a Mid-West Refinery

Gerlinger Straddle Carrier and four TBRs (tTube Bundle Rotators) getting loaded to head to large refinery in the Mid-West. The Carrier and TBRs will safely and easily transport tube bundles and heat exchangers to and from the washpad during turn-around.

10 TBRs for a Gulf of Mexico Refinery

Ten Gerlinger TBRs heading to large refinery near the Gulf of Mexico.  Having recently received a new Gerlinger Straddle Carrier, they purchased ten of the second generation TBR’, while also retrofitting the original design TBRs already at the plant with the newest upgrades.