Gerlinger Carrier’s New Features

Learn about the newest features and updates to Gerlinger Carriers

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From our Eight Camera Systems to our 3-Way Steering features, Gerlinger is proud to unveil the new features  on our Straddle Carriers. With loads of upgrades developed In response to industry challenges, along with new tire choices, engine sections and wheel coverage, you can learn all the latest that our industry leading Straddle Carriers have to offer.


  • Standard 8 Camera System eliminates all blind spots.
  • New 360-Degree View Camera option offers a bird’s-eye view of the machine and surrounding area.
  • Fire suppression systems in high temp situations where combustion or fire could be present.
  • Pneumatic, foam filled, nitrogen filled, or sold tires available. Various sizes based on loads or extreme duty.
  • The most advanced Euro 5 EPA emissions engines surpass standard Tier4 requirements.
  • Optional full-length wheel and tire guards, heavy duty with ribbed sections for extra support, or removable panels for easy replacement.

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