Gerlinger Carrier’s New Camera System

Gerlinger’s Newest Camera System Offers the Safest Work Environment Yet!


The newest camera system includes:

  • 6 Total cameras: Four (4) cameras (front, rear, both sides) integrate with an onboard computer to generate an overlap which creates the panoramic/peripheral 360 degree (drone) top view.
  • Facing forward camera includes grid lines to help align the load and display the frontal clearance to obstacles.
  • Rear facing camera with grid lines assists backing off a load, directing the machine travel, and shows the rear clearance to obstacles.
  • 360 degreee drone view displays clearance of obstacles surrounding the carrier in real time.
  • A console function allows display selection on the 360 degree monitor of forward, side, or split view of drone view and front or rear camera
  • The front and rear camera can serve as driver assist cameras with grid lines for travel and distance metering. Controlled by selection of forward or reverse gear or by operator selection of preferred display on the left side monitor.
  • Two underside belly cameras display load alignment and view of shoes for lift and swing control on the right monitor.

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