Is It Time to Upgrade or Replace Your Carrier?

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Most Advanced Features

  • Stage 5-euro emission engines

    The most advanced Stage 5-euro emission engines are cleaner burning and provide more horsepower

  • State-of-the-art camera systems

    Operators are safer and more productive with the bird’s eye view generated with our state-of-the-art camera systems

  • Fire suppression systems available

    Fire suppression systems available for high temperature situations where combustion and fire could occur

  • Variety of tires available

    Pneumatic, foam filled, nitrogen filled, and solid tires available with optional medium or heavy-duty removable panels

  • Steering options

    4-wheel steering allows sharper turns, 2-wheel steering provides additional stability, and crab steering allows sideways shifting in tight spots or aisleways

  • Lift override

    Lift override prevents damage to load and carrier by limiting how high the load can be lifted

  • Cold weather package

    Cold weather packages with heated tanks, filters, mirrors, battery blankets, and shore power plugs

  • Custom lift shoes & load pallets

    Custom lift shoes and load pallets designed and built for industry specific need, including the TBR (tube bundle roller)

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