Log Handling Equipment for the Wood Processing, Logging, and Biomass Industries

Improve Your Capacity & Productivity

Gerlinger Loader Cranes have a long and storied history in the lumber and wood processing industries. Our initial design originated around 1917 for use in Pacific Northwest lumber mills, and still continues to remain operational in the industry today.

With Gerlinger Loader Cranes, you receive unparalleled stability, speed, and reach, making this the ideal tool for log-handling applications across multiple industries. Custom-designed and built for your operation, the high-stacking capacity our Loader Cranes provide will enable better use of your facility, easily increasing yard space and making inventory management simpler and more intuitive.

Gerlinger Loader Cranes provides you with an eye-in-the-sky view of your lumber or milling yards, allowing for more efficient loading, faster mobility between rows, and easier inventory assessment. This makes our cranes perfect for a variety of industries:

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Loader Cranes

Lumber Yards

  • Exceptional stability, even during transportation, loading, unloading, and stacking
  • Fast, durable, and efficient, our Loader Cranes will improve yard productivity
  • High clearance allows for increased stacking height, better space management, and inventory assessment


  • Easy stacking and moving for sawmill infeed
  • Accurate feeding into chipping and grinding stations will improve productivity
  • Quickly and safely clear jams away from feed decks and conveyors


  • Easy and efficient feeding of bulk material into grinders and chippers
  • Quick sorting of different materials for loading and transportation

Customizable, Powerful, Efficient

Proudly made in the U.S.A for over 100 years, Gerlinger is the premier name in straddle carriers, and the industry leader in carrier design and manufacture. With lift capacities from 20,000 lbs. to 90,000 lbs., Gerlinger Carrier can help solve the toughest material handling applications to better meet your refinery transportation needs.

A powerful workhorse, some of the world’s largest refineries use Gerlinger for simplified material handling chores.

The Evolution of a Classic Design

The Gerlinger design for our lumber handling equipment originated around 1917 for use in the logging and lumber industry.

You can still find our designs currently being used in a variety of industries. This uniquely designed material handling machine was originally used in the wood and lumber mill industries for handling stacks of dimensional lumber, power/phone poles, paper rolls, railroad ties, and pulp bales around the sawmills and lumberyards. Today, our line of Gerlinger Loader Cranes offer exceptional stacking-capacity, efficiency, and mobility, perfect for the demands of the modern lumber and biomass industries.

Contact Gerlinger to learn more about our lumber handling equipment, and about what Gerlinger can do for your business.

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