The Industry Standard for Straddle Carriers

Solving Tough Material Handling Problems

Since 1918, Gerlinger Carrier has maintained our position as an industry leader in straddle carrier design and manufacturing. With lift capabilities ranging from 20,000 to 90,000 lbs., our innovative product line enables our customers to find fast and efficient solutions for the handling of long, heavy loads. Our line of Gerlinger Carriers is available in a wide range of package sizes, making them an ideal choice for solving tough material handling problems in a comprehensive range of applications.

Industries and Applications We Serve

  • Steel & Foundry Industries - Easy transport of heavy, cumbersome products. Greatly improves mobility and storage capabilities.
  • Refinery and Petrochemical Applications - Fast, easy and efficient transport of tube bundles to streamline your turnaround.
  • Specialized material handling - We can provide the right solution for your specific material handling requirements.
  • Gerlinger Carriers offer innovative specialized material handling solutions for a variety of diverse industries, including the wood industry, ship building and maritime, distilleries, agriculture, refineries and others.
  • Transporting and handling of these large bundles is time consuming, expensive, and prone to damaging the bundle.

Specialty material handling and industrial uses for our straddle carrier machines include:

  • Transportation of pipe, billets, heat exchanger tube bundles, slabs, bundled or coiled materials.
  • Movement of structures like bridge & tower construction, scaffolding & ladders, poles, drill casings, concrete forms, building framing and general structural materials.

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The Gerlinger Difference: Premiere Straddle Carrier Manufacturer

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Customizable, Powerful, Efficient

Proudly made in the U.S.A for over 100 years, Gerlinger is the premier name in straddle carriers and the industry leader in carrier design and manufacture. With lift capacities from 20,000 lbs. to 90,000 lbs., Gerlinger Carrier can help solve the toughest material handling applications to better meet your refinery, steel foundry, lumber mill, shipyard, or other specialized material handling transportation needs.

A powerful workhorse, some of the world's largest refineries use Gerlinger for simplified material handling and increased efficiency. Our customizable straddle carriers readily adapt to meet your specific application, making Gerlinger the industry leader compared to other solutions such as Combilift, Hyster, Kress, Ross, Yard Bully, and others.

Gerlinger Straddle Carriers are engineered with lift shoes that range from 8 ft. to 20+ ft. long. Our straddle forklift and straddle cranes/straddle carriers can move long, heavy loads in a far more narrow path by hauling the load under the belly.

  • Stably support loads in excess of 60 ft. long under transport.
  • Maneuver quickly within industrial facilities.
  • Eliminate the need for counterbalance weights by straddling the loads,  making the machine far lighter than traditional forklift machines.
  • Centered load disperses the load weight efficiently to the machine's four wheels and decreases the ground contact pressure.
  • Our heavy-duty straddle carriers, also known as straddle lift trucks, straddle cranes or straddle buggies, can typically lift in excess of twice their own weight.
  • Tube Bundle Roller Offers Improved Mobility & Convenience for tube bundle cleaning.

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