Designed exclusively for refinery maintenance, the Gerlinger Bundle Pallet Rotator streamlines an otherwise time-consuming and expensive process. The Gerlinger BPR adjusts to accept heat exchangers from 20” to 60” diameter. Once loaded onto the BPR, the BPR’s hydraulically powered rollers rotate the exchanger body for complete cleaning. The entire package is then picked up again and returned for re-installation without leaving the BPR.

gerlinger bundle pallet rotator for straddle carriers

1 - Deliver to cleaning. 2 - Bundle Pallet Rotator rotates exchanger for complete cleaning at the cleaning pad. 3 - Return for reinstallation

  • Capacity up to 50,000 lbs.
  • Strong and reliable, the BPR is box welded with rugged internal gusseting and built to withstand punishment
  • The frame is reinforced with multiple cross members
  • Adjusts to accept any cylindrical bundle from 20” to 60” diameter
  • Simple maintenance with easy access to lubrication points
  • Hydraulically powered rollers rotate cylindrical load to allow full access
  • Rollers are made of 4140 heavy-wall tubular steel
Gerlinger Bundle Pallet Rotator for Straddle Carriers

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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