Since 1917, Gerlinger Carriers have been the industry leader in straddle carrier design and manufacture, providing fast and efficient handling of long, heavy loads. With lift capacities ranging from 15,000 to 90,000 lbs., and available in a wide range of package sizes, Gerlinger Carriers help solve tough material handling problems in a wide range of applications.

gerlinger straddle carrier since 1917.

The industry standard

Over the years the markets for Gerlinger Carriers have changed, with most applications now centered in steel/metal handling, oil refineries, mining, building materials, military, and wherever special handling requirements call for flexibility and economy. Recent customers include USX, Exxon, Carpenter Technology, Asarco, Chevron, BP Arco, US Navy, Hughes Bro's, and Varco Pruden. Hundreds of Gerlinger Carriers are in use world-wide.

gerlinger straddle carriers for industry
gerlinger straddle carrier manufacturing state-of-the-art

State of the art

Still owned and operated by Gerlinger descendants, Gerlinger Carrier is now designed and engineered using the latest CAD systems. Precise machining is accomplished with computer guided milling. On-board electronics reflect the best of digital telemetrics and instrumentation. Fit and finish are second to none. But our commitment to quality and durability are still the same.

gerlinger straddle carrier 40sh


Customization is part of every Gerlinger Carrier delivered. By working closely with every customer, we deliver a highly optimized carrier, attuned to their work environment and requirements. Key characteristics like suspension, cab location, engine size, lift capacity, and others are developed with the customer from the ground up. The result is a smoother workflow on site, a true workhorse that will perform for years.

We’re committed to being the world leader in the quality design and manufacture of straddle carriers. Join the hundreds of other satisfied owners around the world. Get started now by refining your specifications on our Build Your Gerlinger page.

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